Staff Recruitment and Retention Policies of Delta State Civil Service in Nigeria

  • Daniel Eseme Gberevbie* Department of Political Science (Public Admin.) , Covenant University, Ora, Ogun -State, Nigeria:


Delta State Civil Service (DSCS) , like other states' civil service in Nigeria,  is established  primarily to implement policies of government. The objectives that informed this stud y have to do with the unique role undertaken by the availability  of competent workforce and the strategies put in place to retain them for the realization  of the goals of government. Over the years Delta State Government (DSG) ts faced with  the challenge of improper  implementation  of  its policies  One of  the major  problems is shortage of competent staff, and the inability of the state civil service (SCS) to retain available ones for enhanced  performance.  To  achieve  the  objectives  of  the  study,  120  copies  of  questionnaire  were administered  to both  senior and junior  staff at the Delta  State Civil  Service Commission  (DSCSC) Asaba, through the systematic random sampling technique. In addition, structured interview was carried out with 25 senior staff at the Office of the Head of Service of the SCS and DSCSC.

The study adopted the chi-squire (X2) analytical technique to analyze the data generated. The results shows that policy on staff recruitment in the SCS is a mixture of merit, political consideration, equal representation of citizens and 'god-fatherism.' Further findings show that strategies for recruitment and retention of staff in the SCS did not encourage  the attraction and retention of the required competent workforce. The study recommends that DSCS should put in place proper staff recruitment strategy that emphasizes merit, and also appropriate staff retention strategies such as adequate rewards and incentives capable of motivating and retaining competent workforce for enhanced performance. The study concludes that availability of competent staff to implement government policies is more likely to be achieved with the adoption of proper recruitment and retention strategies by the SCS.


Keywords: policy, strategy, staff recruitment , retention,  delta state civil service , performance, Nigeria



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